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[[Top of the Gazebo!|p#276]]
Marketplace [City On The River]\nWith glittery storefronts on either side, this is the epitome of a market street. Toy shops, restaurants, clothing stores, artisans' shops, everything is available here. To the east it melds into the surrounding residential area before the town abuts the wall, but to the north and south this street is dotted with alleys and sidestreets, each of which have their own shops.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#240]]
Under the Bridge [City On The River]\nAlgae cling to the underside of the stone bridge. Seaweed and detritus lap at the edge of the water, and the air is damp. A torch provides flickering light.\nExits:\n* [[east|p#282]]
River Road in the Park [City On The River]\nThick grimy smells from the river waft through the air along this smooth brick walkway by the river.\nExits:\n* [[east|p#279]]\n* [[south|p#270]]\n* [[west|p#287]]
South of the River [City On The River]\nA glittering marble palace sits on the west side of this road. The paving is smooth and the street wide, and on the east side abutted by a large green park which occupies a meander in the river.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#245]]\n* [[east|p#270]]\n* [[south|p#320]]
Outside the Ship Terminal [City On The River]\n\nExits:\n* [[east|p#236]]\n* [[west|p#251]]
Market on the River [City On The River]\nHere on the north side of the river, there's a bustling market. The wide street here is lined with carts and tents in bright reds and oranges and yellows, selling grilled foods and iced drinks. The road continues to the east into denser storefronts.\nThe leg of the striphant, tall, grey, and craggy, has roughly thrust down here through a cart vendor's shade. The owner is not happy. The leg is unperturbed. It reaches high into the sky, through the low clouds.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#236]]\n* [[east|p#266]]
Bridge over the River [City On The River]\nA bridge crosses the river. This wide edifice is made mostly of large stone, cemented together with some kind of dark mortar, and buttressed in places by thick, dark timbers. The view down the river to the west shows a number of ships docked along the northern side of the river. To the east there are no large ships, but a small boat is docked at a pier in the park on the southern side. On the northeast there is a bustling market, and on the southwest there are a number of marble buildings. Further to the southwest you see a large tower.\nThe sky overhead is overcast, but torches on either side of the bridge ensure the lighting remains ample and steady.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#236]]\n* [[south|p#248]]
Grove of Trees [City On The River]\nLamps hanging from trees provide a steady light here, which makes navigating these trees easy. Thick deciduous trunks are interspersed with spindly flowering trees. The grove passes up to the edge of the river on the east and abruptly stops. A rope swing hangs from a branch over the river.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#290]]\n* [[west|p#273]]\n* [[south|p#298]]
Dingy Market [City On The River]\nThis market is a mix between 'decidedly shady' and 'supply sales'. Everything is run-down, and a third of the storefronts are marked by thick curtains blocking their windows.\nExits:\n* [[south|p#254]]\n* [[east|p#257]]
Gazebo, 2nd Floor [City On The River]\nFrom the second floor of the gazebo, the park is visible, as well as some of the city beyond. To the north, there is a small pier with a fishing boat. A brick path traces the edge of the river as it curves around the northern edge of the park and down towards the south. Across the river, there is a bustling market. The river passes out of view behind the grove of trees on the east side of the park. To the south, there is a wide-open grassy field, dotted with wildflowers. To the west, there is an intricately woven wooden arch which leads out of the park onto the main thoroughfare, across which there is a modest marble palace. A tall tower is visible in the far southwest of the city.\nExits:\n* [[down|p#273]]
Saraka Boulevard [City On The River]\nPollen drifts across this thin street from the field to the north, and to the south a row of large houses and apartment buildings front the street. Many windows are well-lit, and the houses are of the same clay-and-timber construction that marks many of the houses in the city. A bridge crosses the river to the east.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#320]]\n* [[north|p#298]]\n* [[east|p#328]]
Gazebo [City On The River]\nThis tall white gazebo stands in the middle of a large green park. No light filters through the slats here, owing to the gray blanket of clouds overhead. There are brightly-colored flowers spaced widely around the gazebo. A thin spiral staircase leads to an upper level.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#270]]\n* [[up|p#276]]\n* [[north|p#279]]\n* [[east|p#293]]\n* [[south|p#298]]
Field in the Park [City On The River]\nA wide field, flat and covered in grass. It's dotted with wildflowers, but most can't survive under the trampling of playing feet. To the north there is a gazebo standing in the center of the park; to the south, the field abuts a wide street passing to the east across the river.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#273]]\n* [[northwest|p#270]]\n* [[northeast|p#293]]\n* [[south|p#323]]
Park Archway [City On The River]\nA large green park stands here in a bend of the river. To the east, a large gazebo stands in the center. A large grassy field marks the southern end and the river itself is bordered by a small brick walkway. Here, the western edge features a large decorative archway woven of thin wooden slats and reeds. A modest marble palace sits across the road to the west.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#248]]\n* [[east|p#273]]\n* [[north|p#282]]\n* [[south|p#298]]
Saraka Tulay [City On The River]\nThe river is about 20 meters wide here. This bridge is made of brick with thick timber rails. Torches on posts light either side of the apex of the bridge. The white-and-brown construction of the buildings of the city is visible to the northeast and the south. To the northwest, there is a large park, beyond which the city continues. To the east there is a gate in the wall of the city.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#323]]
Garden at the Corner of the Park [City On The River]\nThe lamps in this garden are carefully locked to prevent any accidents; this garden is severely overgrown by design. Thin arbors hold up vines which hang flowers of all colors, the ground is covered in pots and rectangular plots, and everything is bursting with greens and reds and blues and yellows. The brick pathway detours through here but continues to the west and the south.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#279]]\n* [[south|p#293]]
Pier on the River [City On The River]\nThe wooden rowboat docked here gently bobs in the waters. Dark water laps at the piles of a wooden pier on the river. Carefully-laid bricks mark a path leading east and west along the river.\nExits:\n* [[south|p#273]]\n* [[west|p#282]]\n* [[east|p#290]]
Main Road [City On The River]\nThis thoroughfare is well-traveled, and high clay-and-timber buildings line the sides. The cobblestones run right up to the buildings, and beside them, through the many adjoining alleys and side streets. The lamps and torches cast some light to counteract the gray cast of the clouds above.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#231]]\n* [[south|p#236]]\n* [[west|p#257]]
Northern Entrance Plaza [City On The River]\nThis small plaza is paved with smooth cobblestones, packed between with hard dark earth. A small fountain stands in front of the large gates to the city - the road gently curves on either side around it and continues south into the city proper. The buildings on either side are made of mottled white clay bolstered by thick brown timbers. One on the east side of the road is a thick mansion made of large stone, its peaked roof dotted with gables.\nExits:\n* [[south|p#233]]
Main Road [City On The River]\nThe main road of the city gently winds back and forth along the north-south axis of the city, its cobblestones worn smooth by the passage of the inhabitants. The buildings on either side are dense here, the thin alleys between them criss-crossed with hung laundry. Down one of the side streets on the west side is a bustling market.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#233]]\n* [[east|p#240]]\n* [[west|p#242]]\n* [[south|p#245]]
Intersection of Main and Saraka [City On The River]\nThe road here is well-kept, and there is a large but quiet intersection between the main street and a road heading east. A sign proclaims the east road to be named Saraka.\nExits:\n* [[north|p#248]]\n* [[east|p#323]]
Industrial Docks [City On The River]\nThe road here has two ruts worn deep into it from the wheels of heavy-laden carts. On the south, it is bordered by a massive set of docks and dockworks - crates, cranes, shacks, ramps, everything one might need to load and unload cargo from the many ships docked here. These docks continue up to the western walls of the city. To the east, there is a much more personable large building. North there are many industrial-looking buildings.\nExits:\n* [[east|p#242]]\n* [[north|p#254]]
Industrial District [City On The River]\nYou find yourself in a maze of twisting factories and workshops, all alike.\nExits:\n* [[south|p#251]]\n* [[east|p#257]]\n* [[north|p#259]]
Residential District [City On The River]\nThis city's houses are mostly of a gray clay and dark timber construction, but they're dotted with flagstones. This residential district is full of twisting roads and clearly-unplanned zoning.\nExits:\n* [[west|p#259]]\n* [[east|p#233]]
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