Distributed Speakers

(project idea)

So you want to have a rally. You want to hold a sports competition for your large neighborhood. Maybe you want to broadcast announcements across your company picnic. Maybe you want to throw an impromptu dance party!

The common line between all of these scenarios is this: you need a sound system, but you do not have one.

I first conceived of this while thinking about the specific issue of a dance party. Here's my solution:

I liked this idea because I have friends I like dancing with, but we rarely have a sound system set up and in place for dancing in public spaces. But anywhere you need to communicate something to a large number of people but you don't have a sound system, this app would be useful.

Let's talk about issues.

How do you sync up a bunch of audio sources together on the fly, with limited communication between them?

That's the biggest problem, but there are smaller issues - well, they're really just the obstacles we'd need to face: